Adding analytic

by FPSD — 2023-04-11

[2023-04-11] I need analytics

What is the point to build in public if I have no idea if my projects, including this website, are getting traction?

I have no idea of the best practices, tools and whatever is needed to keep track of traffic, conversion rates, retention and all the rest so I have no clear idea to what look for, I guess I will learn along the way.

Looking around for tools I have decided to try because it is simple and has an eye on user's privacy which is a good bonus to have.

It offers an on premise and a hosted solution which is reasonably priced; even if at first I was going to try the self hosted option, at 9 EUR/Month it is not a huge investment and I can get started right away, so lets click the "Start free trial" button and see what happens.

Another neat feature is that the dashboard can be publicly accessible, I am considering opening them starting with the website analytics, at least it looks intriguing.