Build, show & tell

by FPSD — 2023-05-18

TL;DR Connect with your community! Right, now!!!

Yesterday, May 16 2023, 19:00 CEST, I've attended a spontaneous meetup of indiehackers, organized on Twitter by GYN.

Somehow he managed to take a group of strangers, posting under the hashtag #buildinpublic, and gather everyone together to talk about what we are building, what kind of help we are after and how we can help others. And was great!

Here is where it all started.

The meetup

We started introducing ourselves, our background and our projects, after that Alexander introduced his projects and I've assisted to the most honest and insightful round of feedback that anyone can receive in her/his life by complete strangers!

Honestly it has been amazing, ideas floated around, from UX to monetizing, to cost analysis and more. And just to repeat, it was coming from people that have never interacted in real or virtual life!

Closing words

I wrote this tiny post to encourage everyone to get in touch with their own community, you'll never know how supportive it can be until you try it. It is easy to set the boundaries to your (home) office and users' feedback, but if don't get in touch with other experiencing the same challenges as yours, I can confidently say that you are missing out.

Please come and join the #buildinpublic community, if don't like it you lose nothing but I suspect that we have a lot to share and learn from each other.