Closing sprint 2022-04-17

by FPSD — 2023-04-25

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How it went

Sprint 2022-04-17 has been quite different from the first one, as I've already figured out some details on how to run this web site I have spent more time on the next steps for my projects. This is a good outcome because I was worried that I was spending too much time on marginal topics instead of making progress on my projects.

Finally I have released the Chrome Extension for Unrefined; I was procrastinating this release for too long and after mentioning it in a previous post I was feeling the pressure I've put on myself which gave the energy boots to finally make it public.
It is not perfect yet but at least I can start to get some feedback!


I was trying to get to 100 unique visitor before making this post but, honestly, having reached 92 is already a good result for something started 15 days ago, and basically no network!

Lets have a look at what Plausible says:


Key takeaways:

Closing words

There is still a lot to learn but I am enjoying the experience so far. Being an introvert it makes it hard to push a bit more on the marketing side, but in the Internet no one knows that you are a dog ;) .

One last thing, I will discontinue the term "sprint" in favor of wave; to me it feels more in line with what I am doing and my mental processes.