Opening wave 2022-06-16

by FPSD — 2023-06-16

Starting Wave 2023-06-16

After a two days break I am ready to open the new wave, that will last one month like the previous one, I feel comfortable with this pace!

What's in the plan? It be broken down to the following items.

Before diving into the wave's goals, the usual link to the MR that will collect all the work being done and shared later in this site.


Given the seminal work of the previous wave the plan is to finish the customization of cheat sheets. The initial implementation of the UI is quite rough but I can focus on improving it later if there is enough interest, now it is time to embed it into the app. The extension may come next but realistically in the next wave.

Another key addition to Unrefined, pending for too long, is the landing page and some content explaining what problems it is trying to solve and how, namely estimation bias and why the estimation cheat sheet is a core function of the flow.

Authentication has been mentioned before and delayed for too long, it is now time to add it, probably using an external identity management platform like Clerk.

The plan is to continue publishing at least two Clojure Bite articles and updates regarding product development; posts about Unrefined will be replicated in the upcoming application blog.

If possible I'd like to also include updates on the second organization the should be onboarded to Unrefined, if it will even happen ;).

Redesigning the general layout, like grouping posts be month, adding contact pages etc will be postponed to the next wave.

Live streaming

Still unsure how to drive more value while streaming, I guess I'll keep trying to learn how to make something out of it.


This post sets the start of the new wave, the feeling is that the plan is more clear compared to the previous one, I hope that the closing post will confirm that it was a good plan, or at least that I've learned how to improve for the next time, see you around the net!