Random bits

by FPSD — 2023-04-27


This short post will cover:

The bug that almost got me out of Haunt static site generator

At the time of the second post I was already super excited by the project, the content was coming out nicely and wanted to have it out in the wild ASAP! As usual I launched haunt build command to generate the static pages and all I got was an exception...my mood went down pretty quickly.

I was sure the problem was on my side, probably something formatted the wrong way but I could not make it to work. I was thinking it was a bug in Haunt itself but after carefully inspecting the stack trace I've tracked down the problem to guile-commonmark, for which I've opened an issue, hoping to get some feedback soon(ish). Unfortunately I've quickly realized that the project is not actively developed, and decided to find a workaround for it. Even worse, the test suite is failing so it is not easy to understand if I am breaking other places.

At some point I've identified the line that was breaking and commented it, only because it was doing some cleanup, and having some extra spaces or unneeded HTML tags in the output is not the end of the world.

If curious or you are affected by the same problem, this is the line to comment link.

p.s. I think this happens because I am compiling with Guile 3.0.x, maybe with Guile 2.x it works well...but I haven't tested it yet.

Website next steps

I want to keep the website features to the bare minimum but at the same time there are some missing bits:

I will slowly work on these parts, there is no rush but at least it is written somewhere publicly and not only in my "secret" project files :) .


I've started learning to use OBS because I want to record a couple of videos to explain how Unrefined works and how the Chrome Extension may improve the workflow.

I've got a course on Udemy and I am liking it a lot so far! (Not affiliated).

Frankly speaking, one day I would like to try to stream a coding session on one of my projects to get live feedback and have some fun! I am an introvert and I am postponing this step every week, but at some point it will happen, so stay tuned!

The experiment

This time I'll limit the number of places where I'll advertise my posts in order to understand how much recurring traffic I have, if any. Clearly marketing helps a lot but at times I feel I am a bit spammy and I am considering to promote fewer posts in future. Lets see how it goes :) .