Plans to improve the estimation cheat sheet

by FPSD — 2023-05-20


Project name: Unrefined

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Cheat sheet redesign

The current cheat sheet is not ideal for the following reasons:

Breakdown of tasks

Change UI to select a cheat sheet from a list of available ones

When starting an estimation provide the option to select the cheat sheet to be used during the refinement session from a list of available ones, possibly with a preview of the breakdown items.

Sub tasks - Size M

Change UI of the estimation page

Explore few different designs for the estimation page to enable new ways of selecting the story points for each breakdown item. Implement at least one and provide a way to select between available styles, starting from the current one. If a user changes the style, set it as default in the local storage.

Sub Tasks - Size S

Customize the cheat sheet

After selecting a cheat sheet, the user can customize it, creating a new cheat sheet.

It should be possible to start from a blank page if the current templates do not match the user's use case.

Evaluate if it is feasible to store the new cheat sheet somewhere, considering that at the moment there is no way to authenticate a user.

Sub Tasks - Size L