Opening wave 2023-05-17

by FPSD — 2023-05-17

Wave merge request:


Past wave had a bit ups and downs, following the white rabbit of number of views on this website but not moving the needle of product awareness, nor investigating other opportunities. A key factor was (poor) time management, as reported while closing wave 2023-04-26.

Next round

This wave should focus on the failures of the previous one, trying to address the issues that have had the most impact on the expected progress, such as:


As always there is work to do for this website, Unrefined and, this time I am adding a new idea that I'd like to validate.




I'd like to use some of the feedback I've got recently to move the project to a state where it is more generally useful and usable:

Validating a new idea

A general advice is to build something that solve your problems with the assumption that others may have the same problem. But before building the solution is better to validate that there is enough market for it both in terms of potential users and $$$. This is the indie hacker/bootstrapper 101, and given I'm a noob better to start from the basics!

So the plan is:

I'll reveal the project and results in a future post, until then stay tuned!

Stats update

Here is the graph since the beginning of this site, it awesome how it growed in just one month! Peaks are for the Clojure Bites series but just because it is easier to target specific communities, and not because those were great articles :)